Manga offers four (4) school show options. Please find descriptions of each option below.

Our workshops consist of demonstration and teaching of  selected dance steps to the rhythm of the drum. We conduct our workshops with a maximum number of 30 students per class.

Please note that our programs run for 45 minutes, but we  can also make adjustements to fit your needs


Booking: please fill out the Request for service form and contact our program manager via email with the subject line "REQUEST FOR SERVICE: [insert venue/school name]" or call (404) 462-5723.


The pulsating sounds of Sunu (ceremonial music played by the Malinke people of Guinea and Mali during traditional festivals) transport students to the villages of West Africa, where popular American dances such as the Charleston and popular hiphop moves were born. 


Typical of many African dances, this program gives artistic expression to a common facet of Nigerian village life—playtime. The choreography combines the strong, energetic, rhythmic footwork and gestures of African dance.


Manga delivers a captivating dance drama based on the story of a king who travels to another town. There he discovers that knowledge is power. 

K-12: OSUN

Osun is an renowned, traditional festival of music and dance celebrated in August by the Yoruba people of Osogbo, Osun state, of Nigeria in West Africa. Manga African Dance brings  the full performance in Atlanta every Fall.



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