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SEPTEMBER 13 - 14 - 15 2024



The Osun (pronounced O-shoon) Festival honors the Yoruba river goddess, Osun. The festival features African drum, dance, tradition and theatre.  This performance allows young people to see youth their own age performing traditional African cultural traditions and exposes them to African culture. It is a fabulous production that transports the audience on a journey to West Africa. The inspirational production is presented each August almost simultaneously with the annual Osun Festival held in Oshogbo, Nigeria. The Atlanta Osun Festival originated in 1998 as the artistic collaboration of dancer Ramatu Afegbua-Sabbatt and Adebisi Adeleke, Master of the Talking Drum. 


The public community forum that precedes our annual performance has been an integral part of our programming since 1998 and was established as an educational platform to discuss the influence, practice, and preservation of indigenous African traditions in the diaspora.

The panel is to share facts, offer opinions and respond to questions either through questions curated by the moderator or taken from the audience directly.

Orisas dance classes

Osun dances are the ritualistic dances  of Praise. They are dances of celebration and expression to the Yoruba deity and mother fruitfulness.  Osun is  an embodiment of love, beauty, wealth, intimacy, diplomacy.  She represents the freshwater from the ocean, and is celebrated every year in Osugbo. Among the dances dedicated to Osun, the 

Agbebe dance showcases the ritual object most associated with Osun, a secular fan that she uses as a source of authority and symbol of control.

Agbegbe dance is an energetic dance but gracefully displayed.


The concert is a production that displays, drumming, songs, acting, theatre, and energetic dances. The production protrays the faboulus festival held in Osogbo every August of each  year.

Osun Festival over the years

Photo credits: Manga Media, Zeta Powell, Brothersphotography, Leo Photo Video

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