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Updated: Sep 8, 2023

The Caipi Kickback was created and organized by Aldanie "Macaquinho" Martinez in partnership with his good friend Ritmo "with the goal of creating a space to explore our arts, uniting artistic communities, sharing Capoeira and other arts with new people, and finding ways to help elevate the organizations and people within these ecosystems."

The past two Caipi Kickbacks teamed up with the Samba community and the Breaking community. This year brings Capoeira and African dance and drumming together.

Manga African Dance was so thrilled to be part of this event as a partner. The community enjoyed a very fun, social gathering on Saturday, July 29, 2023, from 2pm to 7pm, with food and beverages. The highlights included a drum circle showcasing a variety of drums, an African dance class demonstration, and an environment of fun and learning. And of course, the reason for this event, the Capoeira dance tradition itself. The Caipi Kickback event was held at Phys.ed Atlanta 1500 Nabell Ave East Point, GA 30344.

African dance class demonstration

A little face to face between artistic director of Manga African Dance, Dr. Ramatu Sabbatt and Aldanie aka Macaquinho , host of the event

Capoeira time!


Aldanie "Macaquinho" Martinez


We would like to acknowledge our supports.

Georgia Council for the Arts: "This program is supported in part by Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of theGeorgia General Assembly. Georgia Council for the Arts also receives support from its partner agency

- the National Endowment for the Arts."

Futlon County for the Arts and the Fulton County Bord of Commissioners: Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioner.

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta: Funding provided (or funded in part) by a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

City of Atlanta, Mayor's Office of Cultural Affaires: "This program is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs"


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