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Volunteer Appreciation Day & Fundraiser

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

November 20, 2022 at the Little 5 Points Center for the Arts and Community

Manga African Dance always takes a pleasure to host the Volunteer Appreciation Day. This is the time of the year when we officially recognize the force behind Manga's growth:

the volunteers.

Volunteer Appreciation Day

Our Volunteers

They are company members , board members, friends of Manga, support, collaborators, and partners.

Manga would like to acknowledge the hard working volunteers who gave their time, efforts, advice, technical support to help the company fulfill its mission. Without these volunteers, Manga would have been able to accomplish its annual goals of promoting African cultures and serving the Atlanta community.

The Drake House

Manga African Dance will give a special award to the Dake House for its amazing work for the community, and for bringing extracurriculaire activities to the youth with the established collaboration with Manga African Dance. Click here to learn more about the drake House.

Manga African Dance is currently providing African dance classes to the students throughout the school year 2022-23. This collaboration will enable students

- To promote flexibility and cardiovascular Health

- To build stamina

- To stimulate their curiosity for other cultures

- To expose them to other cultures with the learning of traditional dances and drum from countries from West Africa,

- To help build confidence with repetition and consistency

- To understand other cultures with the background and history provided

- To value teamwork and individual work


Free dance class - performance by Manga

Recipient's award ceremony

Hors d'oeuvre


In order to create, improve, and implement current and new programming, Manga needs a substantial financial help. We are already grateful to the support received from the

Fulton County Arts and Cultures

Fulton Board of Commissioners

City of Atlanta - Mayor's Office for the Arts and Affairs

Georgia Council for the Arts,

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

South Arts


November Fundraiser Drive: 2023 Youth Spring Camp

We are reaching out to any organizations, philanthropists, individuals or families with a generous heart to help us raise money during this November fundraiser drive. Our goal is to provide Spring camp 2023 for the youth at no charge. Please our camp website at CampatManga to view more of what is already accomplished.


Spring camp

April 3 to 7, 2023.

9am to 2pm

At the little Five Points Center for the Arts and the Community

We will provide dance and drum classes, arts and craft class and language learning

- 2 instructors will teach the dance and drum classes, and the storytelling

- 1 instructor will conduct the arts and craft component, and the language

- A total of 25 hours needed to complete the project as of 5 hours per day from Monday through Friday


- Promote flexibility and cardiovascular Health and stamina building

- Stimulate participant’s curiosity and creativity

- Exposure to other cultures with the learning of traditional dances and drum from countries from West Africa,

- Exposure to other steps and rhythms with the teaching of traditional dances and drum from countries from West Africa,

- Confidence building with the presentation of a performance at the end of the session

- Learn and create arts and crafts related to the African countries

- Exposure to the French language through song, video and basic French teaching

- Understanding other cultures with the background and history provided

- Teamwork and individual work

We thank you for your generous support!


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