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Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Manga African Dance will host several auditions in February in order to recruit dancers and musicians. These auditions are open to all ages and beginners, non-professional, and professional levels. Please see below the dates, the requirements and expectations. Click on the link to access the Google form to register. Feel free to email mangadance @yahoo or call 404 462 5723 with any questions.

Auditions dates and times

Saturday, February 26 @ 3pm - 4:30pm:

African dance and Tap dance

Sunday , February 27 @ 3pm - 4:30pm:

Ballet, Modern dance , and Jazz


1) Wear proper dance attire

African dance: lower body wrapper clothe (lapa) to wear over leggings and tank or t-shirt

Tap dance: tap shoes or shoes that make sounds

Ballet: ballet outfit (leotards and tights) and ballet shoes or socks

Modern dance: comfortable clothes

Jazz: T-shirt and jazz pants

2) No dangling earrings


Each dance participant will demonstrate their skills over a routine from the company of all genres, and will present their own choreography. For musicians, it will be a showcase of one piece of their repertoire.


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